The Fashion Show In My Closet

If you read my post Mike Holmes I Think I Love You, you know how impressed I was with my husband adding baskets to our walk-in closet. But this? I had to sit down and catch my breath when I saw this surprise.

'Fashion Show In My Closet' (c) HGS

Bill, who is still working on improving our walk-in and will likely be upset I’m sharing these ‘not quite finished’ photos of our closet, made me a floor-to ceiling shoe shelf for my favorite heels. And he’s going to add little lights over them! (okay, that was my idea –thought it couldn’t hurt to ask right?)  So unnecessary! So gorgeous! I don’t want to leave my closet! I could stand here and stare at it all day. But I guess I need to work, to pay for all the wood.

Our daughter saw it for the first time this morning, and ran straight to the bathroom to find me, calling out,

“Mommy! Mommy! It’s like a fashion show in your closet!”

Thank you, honey. I love you. Here are three more words: Mike Holmes who?

Shoes, shoes, shoes! (c) HGS


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  1. Maureen

    Wow! That really is awesome. All my shoes are comfy and practical, but I bet they’d love little shelves like that (with lights) to live on, instead of being kicked around on my bedroom floor. Well done, that man!


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