LEAP on Kobo and Kindle; WHERE THE BUTTERFLIES GO on Sale!

Thanks for your wonderful support in buying LEAP on the Kobo! Sales were fantastic in its first week out on the Kobo, and I really appreciate those five-star ratings!

Check out Leap on the KOBO here

I’m thrilled to announce the long-awaited release of LEAP on the KINDLE. Thanks very much to my regular readers for giving me that little shove (“Heather! Do It! Now!” ) to get this book out there digitally. LEAP is now on iBOOKS in several countries, NOOK BOOKS, KOBO and KINDLE, SONY READER and soon beside its paperback version on THE COPIA

Where the Butterflies Go in paperback has benefited from some fantastic REVIEWS lately with the most recent at The River and I want to thank those reviewers for taking the time to write about the collection and share their thoughts on it with others. Where the Butterflies Go is now on sale at AMAZON in their 4-for-3 sale, and so thanks to the new reviews and this sale, lots of new readers are finding it. It’s so touching to me that people are grabbing this book off the shelves again four years since its release!

Graceful Publications last made a $100 donation to UNICEF GIFTS OF EDUCATION in the summer. If you keep supporting these two books as much as you have since Jan. 2012, I think I will be able to announce another donation long before summer 2012 arrives.

Thank you so much for reading, commenting, tweeting and LIKING–for sticking with me every step of the way!

Best wishes and Happy Valentine’s Week! Here’s a visual treat to thank you ~ sorry I cannot deliver these home made chocolate lollipops to each and every one of you readers, but perhaps I will make some for one of my readings in the near future, or for the Carry On Dancing launch party  🙂


With Love & Gratitude, Heather

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