I’ll Meet You…

17 responses to “I’ll Meet You…”

  1. Nice poem!

  2. That place we find ourselves when love is unrequited. Beautiful.

  3. very cool piece, love the atmosphere, great concept where deleted love notes console each other. Thanks

  4. There’s no crying in poetry,oh right, that’s baseball. Very sorrowful but telling piece. You are very good.

  5. The unsent, a support group for aborted expressions of love. Painful regrets, or rational thought victorious over zeal. At anyrate, very well penned. Superb. One of my favs tonight!

  6. oh dang…wicked good….deleted love notes consoling each other…smiles….

  7. Making love in cyberspace. I think it’s done all the time!

  8. eloquently done–poignant write–

  9. reminds me of the movie Letters to Juliet

    sonnet 36

  10. Full circle and blistering! Magnificently thought out, wonderful! Poppy

  11. Amazing, Heather!

  12. Excellent, what a meeting place.

  13. The pain rings through, very well done.

  14. A support group for love notes…something they’ve sorely needed!

  15. ugh…painful indeed..and poignant for sure..

  16. Ah! This made me lose my breath! Painfully, beautifully poignant. Thanks

    1. You are most welcome. It’s one of the poems in Carry On Dancing, so that means, you dig it 🙂 Thanks for the visit!

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