I Eat Bugs, Yum Yum (The Carry On Dancing Interview)

Hey guys,

First, apologies for the gi-normus photo of me hula hooping in your inboxes. WordPress has changed a lot recently, so I made a  technical error and I am totally red faced about it. I hope it made most of you smile instead of going, wah? Sigh. Is today Monday?

Onto the reason for this post: I’m not yet used to being the interviewee. I’ve been working as a journalist for 18 years now, so being the one ASKED the questions can at times feel a little uncomfortable. Not so when it’s poet mark Stratton asking the questions! His were fun, unique questions that put me at ease. Here’s the interview:

mark Stratton’s Carry On Dancing Interview

Et moi, being moi, photographed by my talented six-year-old, on a record-breaking hot day here in Montreal (24 degrees on March 18th):

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  1. lol! LOVE this! 🙂

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