Come Say Hello ~ The Old Fashioned Way!

I’ve begun my very first book tour, and guess what I like most so far?

Is it the signing books with a fancy silver pen? No. That’s cool, but no.

Is it the applause after my readings? No. I always feel a little silly about that.

Is it getting to try out new heels? Well, yeah! Of course! But that’s besides the point…

You can stop guessing now ~ I’ll tell you.

In this hyper-networked world, where we Tweet and Like and Google one another, but, at times, don’t actually engage with one another,  it’s comforting to be able to greet people the way I was first taught to say hello.

Looking someone in the eyes. Shaking their hand. (My daughter’s first hello to another human being was sticking her fingers in their ear at 4 months old, but let’s ignore this fact for now).

Friday night, I was listening to the talented jazz singer Kimberely Beyea perform at Herbs Cafe in Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Quebec, and she and the cafe owners kindly asked me to read a few poems from Carry On Dancing. The audience was attentive and kind ~ I even got a few  laughs. A couple of ladies asked where I’d be reading next. I didn’t really expect to see them the next afternoon, but sure enough, Marnie and Ann showed up to see me at my first official Carry On Dancing reading at Librarie Boyer in Pincourt Saturday afternoon.

Ladies, this meant the world to me! I’ll never forget it. It was wonderful to look you in the eyes and thank you for coming, Marnie and Ann, and it was also wonderful doing so with old friends and new friends who came by to hear me read. Thank you so much for coming by to say hello.

Please come say hello at one of my upcoming events.  I may poke, Tweet or LIKE you later. But let’s try the old fashioned way first, shall we?

Here’s my upcoming events schedule!


Meet the Author (book signing) Chapters Pointe Claire, Quebec: Saturday April 28th, noon- 4 p.m.

Meet the Author (book signing & reading) Chapters Kanata Centrum, Kanata, Ontario: Sunday, April 29th, 1-3 p.m.

Carry On Dancing Launch Party! (party party party) Casa Del Poplo,  4873 St. Laurent Street: Tuesday, May 8th, 8:30 p.m. Featuring Music by Kimberley Beyea & Barry Turner

PWAC (Professional Writers Asssociation of Canada) Literary Night Reading, NOW Lounge, Toronto, Ont., Wed., May 23rd, 7 pm..

Wine & Cheese & Reading & Book Signing, Novel Idea, 156 Princess Street, Kingston, Ontario: Friday, May 25th, 7:30 – 9 p.m.

* I wish to acknowledge the kind support of the League of Canadian Poets and The Canada Council*

Carry On Dancing: The Book Tour Begins! April 21, 2012.

8 responses to “Come Say Hello ~ The Old Fashioned Way!”

  1. This is so true….In today’s high-tech times people have forgotten how to say Hello in the true sense………:( I loved the way U’ve put it up…..Very well written and woven and Ur angel even at 4 months I’m sure was very pretty…….So cute that it putting a finger in the ear…awwwww…… sweet….. All my love… grt writing …..:)))))))))))

  2. Congratulations! I’d love to meet you, but I’d need a plane ticket, a passport and some vacation days. So, I hope this’ll suffice for now.

    1. It does. But I’d love to meet the guy who hates poetry (but not mine, I think) too!

      1. Nah, if I hated your poetry, you’d never hear from me.

        1. Grinning. Great way to start my day.

  3. Very cool! ( and important to inspire young writers!) YEA for you

  4. going great guns…. :))))))))))))))))

  5. Way to go Heather!

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