Wishing all days could start and end just like this


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  1. […] away, and who better to reward than my regular blog readers? I’ll be posting photo-quotos like the ones in my last two blog posts  on my Facebook Author Page all of June 2012. Simply ‘share’ […]

  2. I like this a lot – probably seems a bit of an obvious thing for me to say, but I think this would make a really good postcard – I don’t know what the status of the postcard is in Canada/USA, but over here, everyone uses them, particularly when on holiday. I realise this may be a particularly British thing 🙂

    1. I’m trying to bring the art of postcard writing back, actually with the release of COD I put out a postcard of the cover and ‘be in the moment with a dance that’s simply yours.’ I have given out 100 and just ordered 150 more! Maybe I’ll take a few of my favourite photo quotos and make them postcards – I do think writing a friend a postcard is an art that must not be lost!

  3. Let’s do it, Heather…in our hearts. Why not?

    1. Why not, indeed! I’m with you.

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