It’s like we share a secret


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  1. This is good work indeed Heath – the intimacy of secrets is the stuff of life itself.

  2. It sounds like a truly wonderful friendship. Picking up mid sentence from where you last left off (even if it has been years) is a sign of a special relationship indeed. Lovely.

  3. this is very cool…such relationships are magical

    1. Thanks for visiting Claudia!

  4. Quite sweet and lovely, Heather. I saw your post on Facebook and shared it with a very dear friend. Thank you. xo Julia

  5. I know that comforting feel – no matter how long it’s like only yesterday – 🙂 Lib

  6. Says so much about a true friendship..

  7. well done, those relationships are indeed rare.

  8. Wonderful!
    So glad I started here — makes me feel all warm. 🙂

  9. Yes, I know that kind of friendship, and cherish it. Lovely!

  10. This was lovely! My college roomates–30 years later!

  11. Sounds like good friends: any time, any places, it seems like yesterday.
    Is the lovely statue from your own garden?

  12. That’s how I am with all my best and dearest friends. I’m sure if we could sit and chat as we would like to do over lunch, in a park..we’d feel the same very way. Thank you for your kindness and support!

  13. that just put a big smile on my face… thank you

  14. Sweet & simple, just like the most meaningful friendships. This made me think of someone, thank you.

  15. Beautiful post! Picture, poem and the great title combine for a WOW!

  16. smiles…now that is a beautiful friendship…being able to just pick up whenever you are together…lovely…

  17. Yes, cute and great picture :)!

  18. Oh so lovely! ♥ 😀

  19. I always thought we did!!

    Lovely package of photo, poemt and sentiment, sweet girl! 🙂 xoxox

    ~ j

  20. Sweet 🙂

  21. Is it already Tuesday again? I’m posting this for the wonderful Open Link Night over at Dverse Poets ! Check it out. Camraderie, networking, poets and poetry from around the world.

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