Where the Butterflies Went? Kindle!

It’s been a long journey to this day, and I want to thank you readers first and foremost for helping get Where the Butterflies Go to here.

Where the Butterflies Go is finally out on Kindle! I’m also thrilled to announce that I’ve decided to put it in the Kindle Select program, so for 90 days, it will be part of Kindle’s unique lending library. Readers with an Amazon Prime membership can now choose from thousands of books to borrow for free once a month, including Where the Butterflies Go!, with no due dates. For more info, click here.

Even if you don’t have a Prime membership, I’ve kept Where the Butterflies a low $4.99 US, with hopes that more downloads will mean more proceeds that I can give to Unicef’s Gift of Education program, and other children’s charities that promote education, such as Hearts for Change.

I’m still convinced that giving half the proceeds from sales of this book and of LEAP to help educate children who wouldn’t otherwise get educations is the single best thing I can do with my words and images.

So, here we go! Let’s see if a few Kindle clicks can help change our world for the better. Sure doesn’t hurt to try. Let’s Leap!

Thanks for reading my friends.


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