“5/5 stars: I didn’t think I would enjoy it. I was wrong.”

5.0 out of 5 stars An Emotional Collection, June 28, 2012
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This review is from: Where the Butterflies Go (Kindle Edition)

I’ll start by saying that I’ve never read a full collection of poetry, and the only poetry I’ve enjoyed were a few raunchy works by Charles Bukowski. I bought the collection and began reading the first few works with skepticism. I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy it. I was wrong. From the first work, Lady, a haunting poem about Lady Diana, to the last, Rewind, an affirmation of life, I found myself moved.

The collection starts with some works about social justice and the wrongs of the world we live in. Some, like Just Visiting, struck at my emotions and made me feel terrible for someone I don’t know. But that is the author’s gift, she can cause a stir of emotion in a few words. In Somewhere Between Two and Five, a poem about children, a huge smile came to my face when I read, “We even played games of… if you show me yours…I’ll show you mine…with no strings attached.” Again, a lot of emotion, only this time it was light and fun.

As the collection continues the works evolve toward marriage, family, and children. Again, the poet puts into words the emotion many of us have felt during that phase of life. 12 Months to go: Bad Advice on Marriage, was a very funny work. So was The Truth About Marriage, where she compares pop culture to real life.

I’d recommend this collection to anyone who enjoys thinking about what they have read long after you put your Kindle down. To me, that’s the definition of a 5 star book.

My favorite poem- The Pilot. Buy the book, you’ll see why.


4 responses to ““5/5 stars: I didn’t think I would enjoy it. I was wrong.””

  1. I’m intrigued now. I will have to get a copy….will follow up, Heather.

    1. Thanks so much, Cynthia – I do hope you enjoy the read.

  2. What a wonderful review, Heather! What a beautiful tribute his words pay to your work! And well deserved. xoxo Julia

  3. Obviously I am biased H having had some input into WTBG, but when a book gets listed by WH Smiths, the No 1 Book-Seller in the UK, clearly it is going to be an exceptional work. I had a look at the Smiths website recently and ur book was on the same page as Carol Ann Duffy (Poet Laureate) Philip Larkin (should have been Poet Laureate, but ill-health prevented him taking up the appointment) and the 1914-18 War Poets – in other words, u are thought of in the same breath as these great Poets in the UK. I realise it may not be all that easy to gain returns on this via whatever distribution network is being used, maybe u should have a word with Todd Swift about how he does it, as I see the Modern Canadian Poets anthology which he edited is on the same list. But obviously H in some real sense the Smiths Listing means u have broken thru in the UK in a way that so few North American Poets actually manage in their own lifetimes.

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