5/5 Stars ‘Genuine, Unforgettable, and Truly Remarkable’

Thank you very much for writing reviews of Where the Butterflies Go. I don’t really know quite what to say – this book has been out for four years, and people are now finally discovering it – I’m overwhelmed, and oh so grateful to you all. Please do look at my other collections, Leap and Carry On Dancing, if you find yourself drawn to my work. Where the Butterflies Go was my first collection, and while I remain proud of the work, I believe I have grown much as a writer since it came out in 2008. Plus, the other two collections contain photographs!
Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian readers!  Love to all,
5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliantly captivating!!,June 29, 2012
This review is from: Where The Butterflies Go (Paperback)

This work of collected poems by Heather Grace Stewart is original and truly unique, that digs deep within your soul and touches your heart. The writing is beautifully mesmerizing and captures the essence of life, from youth to adulthood. I was touched and moved by how I could relate and empathize with what the writer was trying to say, that connected to my own life and self in such an analogous way. I found them emotive as I connected to them, being deeply touched by an author whose observations on life are spot on. They painted an honest, clear picture of growing up with a touch of added femininity that is memorable and poignant. These poems seem to speak for themselves and take on an entire new deeper meaning, as you relive life surrounding you with the past, present and future before you. The sections pain, growth and family were well thought out and introduced you to each different phase within life, with fluidity that made you want to read on. Each poem tells a different story, presenting to the reader a new message that is thought-provoking to the core and which you ultimately identify with. Each poem is truth-drawing, showing the world as it is in vivid color with nothing glossed over but left bare for you to explore. This has to be the most wonderful anthology of poetry that I have ever been fortunate enough to have read; hence I cannot enthuse enough to all those readers who as yet have not discovered Heather Grace Stewarts work. It is atmospheric, genuine, unforgettable and truly remarkable by an accomplished and skilled writer who has something to tell. I could feel what the writer was feeling through each word, which was carefully chosen to express those emotions and thoughts that were happening. Every poem was brought to life with imagery and description that was so precise and defined; all down to the meticulous effort that was apparent by the writer. This collection of poems is highly readable, enjoyable with underlying poignant messages.

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