It’s not just another hashtag. When I use it, I mean it 🙂

Yes, I really am writing,and loving it! But this time, I can’t share all of it. I want to keep some surprises for you for my fourth collection.

I’ve been back at it, writing and editing poems every morning, as well as working on my speech
for the Ban Righ Centre’s Speaker Series, October 12th. I’ll be speaking there at noon. Having attended Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, I’m so excited to return. I’ll be reading from Carry On Dancing while there, and will also sign books and read while at Chapters Kingston (in the mall) on Saturday, Oct. 13th. I hope some of you can join me there.

What’s to become of this blog? I have 500-some loyal followers; I don’t want to let you down. I’ll continue to post photo-quotos and am hoping to get a few Interviews with Poets up in the near future. I’d also like to do a weekly writing exercise with you. If any of you are into posts about poetic form (Villanelle, haiku, two of my favourites) and then attempting that form, let me know. You may just nudge me into doing this with you weekly, but I’d need to know if there’s interest there.

Thanks for sticking around! We’ll have lots of fun.




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  1. Rich Weatherly

    Thanks for sharing, Heather 🙂 I take #AmWriting seriously. You mentioned forms. I’m a member of the Denton Poets’ Assembly which is an affiliate of the Poetry Society of Texas. We have monthly assignments for a designated form. Our post recent form assignments have been: rondeau redouble, Keatsian Ode and Englyn. I’m sure we’ll revisit the Villanelle soon. Enjoy your writing!


  2. Morgan Dragonwillow

    It sounds like exciting times for you. Glad things are going so well. I look forward to reading more. I only recently began exploring my poetry again this year after many years of not writing it at all. I didn’t realize how much I missed it.



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