The Butterflies Go FREE – ONE DAY ONLY!

I feel like giving away gifts!

Sept. 12th, 2012

12:01 a.m. until 11:59 p.m. – grab your Kindle or your Kindle App and download a free copy of Where the Butterflies Go!
P.S. I’d really appreciate you buying my two other poetry collections, Leap and Carry On Dancing, while you’re at it. Why not get a complete trilogy ? :} It will give me some incentive to keep on writing for this fourth collection I’m slowly putting together!



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  1. I thought u would want to know I was at Waterstones in The Galleries Bristol today, and they are setting up a new installation for Kindle products – I was literally only just passing thru checking on Tom Phillips’ book, so I don’t have any further details, but I think the sign said that they would be going with it from October.

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