The Groovy Granny: Reviews!

Thanks to Kim Larocque and her beautiful blog Muse in the Valley for her fantastic review of and back-story to The Groovy Granny ebook!

Review of The Groovy Granny

More reviews of this book are listed here: Reviews of Heather’s Poetry

(All reviews are posted on that page, but reviews for Carry On Dancing aren’t posted yet. I have been so busy touring with that book I haven’t had time yet to post reviews. You can however check out all customer reviews on Amazon here: Reviews of Carry On Dancing)

On bad days, do you feel like a monkey has messed your hair? Or perhaps
a lion is rummaging through your closet, telling you what to wear? Illustration
copyright Kayla Stewart, The Groovy Granny, Graceful Publications 2012.

Thanks again for reading & sharing my poetry.

Best wishes,

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  1. Hi, Heather!

    I’ve not forgotten about you; but, I’ve been off-line more than on lately … Life! All good news, but I wanted to catch up with you and at least wish you a Happy Thanksgiving today. I hope the day finds you well and happy and enjoying family.

    Many blessings,

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