Heather Reading “Trick or Treat?” (Kids Poem)

Trick or Treat?

Listen to Heather read this poem here

In the fall, I start to plan
the disguise of all disguises.
I plot and prepare
for an evening of surprises.

I practice stirring a witch’s pot;
I wear scars like Frankenstein’s.
I cackle and I screech
like an owl up in the pines.

I can be what I want;
mysterious and unseen.
Oh, what should I be
for this year’s Halloween?

I could be a pirate,
if I only had a patch.
Or perhaps a fire-eater,
if I only had a match.

I could be a fortune teller,
but I’d need a crystal ball.
I could be Humpty Dumpty,
but who would be my wall?

Perhaps I’ll be a butterfly,
with blue-speckled wings.
Perhaps a court jester;
my dog could be the King.

No, I must be different—
and scary—a surprise.
So no one else can tell it’s me,
except by my two eyes.

Yes, I’ll be what I want;
mysterious and unseen.

But what will YOU be
For this year’s Halloween?

copyright Heather Grace Stewart 2012

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