Do They Know It’s Christmas?

Hey gang. Great news: Until Dec. 31, 2012, Where the Butterflies Go (my first poetry collection) and The Friends I’ve Never Met (my most recent work ) will be reduced to $1.99 on Kindle.
That means I make a little less than $1 a book – but instead of donating half proceeds as I have been doing, Graceful Publications will donate ALL proceeds from sales of these two books, as well as proceeds from sales of my 2nd collection, LEAP -to Hearts for Change – an incredible, hardworking Canadian charity that helps orphaned and needy children in Kenya, and is working toward helping needy Canadian children in the near future.
My books are available in several countries now on Kindle, and it only takes seconds to download an ebook. IMAGINE the differences we could make in these childrens’ lives if even just 100 of you buy copies!
New pencils. New books. School fees! Please share this note and consider giving $1 to a great cause.
♥ ♥ ♥ (P.S. Sales from Kobo, Nook, and iBooks will count too, but I can’t reduce the book prices quickly enough on these systems- but if you buy them there in this time period I will donate 🙂 )
Here’s my Kindle page: 
Merry Christmas everyone,
Heather xx
The Groovy Granny made its way to children at Hosanna Children's Home in Kenya through Hearts for Change
The Groovy Granny made its way to children at Hosanna Children’s Home in Kenya through Hearts for Change   This is Mercy, our sponsored child.

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  1. You have a warm and generous heart, Heather. Blessings to you for helping others. xoJulia

  2. Christmas CALLING :)))

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