Kim Larocque Celebrates Small Publishers/Indie Writers with Author of the Year Award

Writer-interviewer Kim Larocque of Muse in the Valley has announced her Author of the Year 2012 nominees, and I’m so touched to be among the 12 talented nominees.

Please go vote for any of the authors in the list, if you’ve read them: no account or login required to vote! It’s a fantastic award that celebrates indie publishers, indie writing and indie writers.

Kim writes, “Muse In The Valley was born as”bestisyettocome” a quiet journey into my thoughts and aspirations.  A year later, when I changed the name to Muse In The Valley, I started writing about dreams and how they can assist us into finding the messages our soul is trying to give us.  I had no clue then, nor did I ask the Universe to become a Literary Blogger, yet I did, and I am immersed in a world of literature.  I have met the most amazing poets, indie writers, novelists, children’s book writers and more, thus, opening up doors to new contacts, new friendships and new BOOKS!!”

I agree with Kim – 2012 has been a surprising, thrilling year for me as an author, and I want to thank all of you for being a part of it!

Best always,



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