The journey isn’t long, it’s lovely

The journey isn't  long, it's lovely

Copyright Heather Grace Stewart 2013


    • Thanks so much! I put lots of time and thought into this blog; it’s wonderful when someone
      stops and stays a while. 🙂 thanks and look forward to finding you on FB and Pin too!


      • Yes, great job, you have the kind of blog that draws me in…


      • BTW, I just asked my writing friend last week, “Where do the butterflies go when it’s winter?”
        Have you answered that question in a poem yet? My mom was a butterfly lover and she passed that love on to her three daughters.


      • My first collection is called Where the Butterflies Go, it came out shortly after I started this blog, in 2008. In it is the
        poem of the same title, but I don’t really answer the question about where they go. It’s vague….you’ll see. It’s more about
        life & death. But the answer to your question, from having also worked as a wildlife writer, is, well for at least Monarchs
        like the ones on my book cover, go south. Monarchs in Eastern North America have a second home in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. Monarchs in Western North America overwinter in California. 🙂 Doesn’t that sound LOVELY?!


      • I can’t wait to tell my friend that you knew the answer and yes, Monarchs flit all around my flowers. I try to plant flowers and shrubs that attract them. TY!


  1. Love your blog and plan to read more. I am going to pin some gorgeous butterflies for you on Pin.


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