Poetry Is More Alive Than Ever

Poetry is more alive than ever. It’s in our songs and on our subways, on our iphones, iPads, Kindles and Kobos, it’s #hashtagged as #twaiku and #howevermanywords we want. It’s on podcasts and Youtube; it’s live streamed and it’s archived. It’s still studied and awarded and Canada Council funded. It’s in our libraries, in old musty tomes and new digital anthologies, and coveted by young students reading Scholastic book flyers. It is written about in the New York Times and celebrated at national conferences. It’s time we stopped calling it dead, because it’s going to get very, very angry. Oh right, that’s Spoken Word. 😉

Happy World Poetry Day 2013! Share a poem with someone you love!

Whether it’s in paperback or on an ereader, poetry
is still the perfect bedtime read. Cat not required.

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  1. Poetry lives! The e-book was made for Poetry, its clean spareness on the Page – read the e-book then desire to own the hard copy, preferably nice and rare so that the Collectors can fight over it 🙂

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