Not Such A Tough Mudder

Not Such A Tough Mudder

Little girl got rather muddy playing outside. I mean, mud inside her boots as well as outside, and all over hands and face. “That’s okay,” I say to her at the back door as she’s throwing her clothes in a muddy pile for the laundry. “You’re a kid. Kids are supposed to get dirty,” surprising myself at the sound of patience in my voice. “Oh, thanks!” she says. “So, then, I can do this again tomorrow?”


  1. Your daughter is cute and smart! By the way, I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award – see my post on Sunday to accept. 🙂


  2. ldlagarino says:

    “Of course you can do it again tomorrow, sweetheart.” Aside to yourself: “Sheesh! What am I? Nuts?”


  3. Good mom! Good mom! Mud is developmental…and besides, good for the skin, right?


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