What Is Real Beauty?

Dove has been impressing me over the last few years with their Campaign for Beauty. This most recent one, I feel, must be shared with as many women as possible —and with the men who love them. Please watch this, think about it, and talk about it with the young girls in your life. So few posts need to go viral, in my humble opinion. This is the kind of item that needs to be shared again and again.


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  1. I was listening to the Dove Campaign on Good Morning America. I don’t know if you agree with me. Just an opinion or thought. It is very unfortunate that women not all women. We feel we have to look so perfect or very hard on ourselves. Beauty comes from within then it shines on the outside. I was reading an article somewhere that we all need to embrace ourselves flaws and all. Yes I am hard myself at times and figured why do I do that. If you need to better yourself or lose weight that can be fixable in time. Make small changes is the first step which is hard but gets easier with discipline. I feel sad for the children especially girls who are starting to grow, learn and they find something the love to do is being put down by other children or adults. They lose their self esteem or confidence for the rest of their life. It is very shameful! Women are beautiful all shapes, sizes and all. I was watching a documentary on supermodels and celebrites looking fabulous but the real deal is they showed the truth it is all photoshopped and not the truth. It was very interesting. A model was just a regular girl who was all done up and photoshopped. She looks so different. I find this all very interesting and a neat topic to talk about positively.

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