“I can shake my eyeballs back & forth really fast” Author @hgracestewart

I woke to find this phrase in my Twitter newsfeed. Not retweeted once, or twice, like I’m used to, but filling the entire newsfeed. People have been retweeting an interview I did for the wonderful site Celebrating Authors, with wonderful interviewer & author Carolyn Arnold (@Carolyn_Arnold) since it came out yesterday, and haven’t stopped yet. It’s pretty much all I see in my  @ twitter feed every few minutes. It makes me chuckle and smile. I told my almost-8-year-old daughter and she said, “People want to know about the POET. That’s why. They want to know funny things about you!”  I laughed. Well, now, certainly, all of Twitter does! 🙂

Here’s the interview http://celebratingauthors.blogspot.ca/2013/04/i-can-shake-my-eyeballs-back-and-forth.html  and thanks again to Carolyn for inviting me to Celebrating Authors!

I wanted to remind you all that I’m a featured author this month on Authorgraph.com and very happy to sign your digital books (you’ll get a PDF for your ipad and other signatures go directly to your Kindle and other e-devices! It’s really simple and very cool. )


Another thing about me? I love wearing heels!
Another thing about me? I love wearing heels!


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  1. Julia Kovach

    You’re fabulous, Heather! Eyeballs, heels, a beautiful daughter, and incredible poetry…..and you’re even known to dance around a campfire or two! ha ha. Congratulations on all of your successes, my friend. You work hard for them! xoJulia

  2. amberskyef

    I like those little things about people too. I care about you as a writer, but I am most interested in you as a person. I just find people innately interesting, even if they don’t think they are.

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