A Flea Market & Gardening Junkie’s Rewards

A Flea Market & Gardening Junkie's Rewards

This is why I love flea marketing and gardening: seeing it all come together on our kitchen window sill!

Mason Jars in the Bathroom

Or, bathroom window sill: I use these lovely Mason Jars (a steal! from an antique store in New Hampshire USA) to store my sea salts, soaps, and bath beads on the sill just above our bathtub. How do you display some of your favorite flea market finds?

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  1. Hey Heather, just getting over the flu. Getting better now. I was at a second hand clothing store for fun. I found a brand-new casual purple summery top for 50 cents. I was so shocked and ended up getting it. Also saw quite a few items but know that I won’t be wearing it enough. I love the second hand shops for anything. I love the Relax sign. I need to wear a button saying Relax to tell myself to relax. I have a peace and hope sign to remind myself when things get tough. Also years ago I did a stamped stitchery of Faith, Hope and Love with flowers. My mom noticed a stain and was upset to see that so Mom said we can get that out. No worries! She did! Every time I look at that I think of that. What would I do without Mom. Anyways the jars reminds me of my mom canning fruits and whatnot. My sister has some and will give some to me. I havent been to a flea market in a long time and just talking with a friend about it. We are planning to do it when it is available. I live in a condo so putting things up is hard and not having a place for it.
    Love reading your articles. Enjoy your day!

    1. And Janet, I love reading your comments! Thanks so much for the smiles.

  2. Love your jars,,, 🙂

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