No E-Readers In The Tub!

Three Spaces

It’s now in stock, so get back in the tub, with your paperback Three Spaces, Rub-a-dub-dub!

NEW! CANADA  – paperback and Kindle  (or contact me to sign & ship you a copy using Paypal)

Germany, Denmark:

Thanks for reading and for sharing these links with anyone you think may enjoy my poetry, and prose and photography.



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  1. Janet K.

    Hey Heather I finally got the books on Carry On Dancing and Where The Butterflies Go. I am loving it and just makes me so inspired. I found a poem I wrote in my box so definitely will keep that. I love the tub picture. Awesome! I am using my camera and took lots of pics of my Mom, flowers and whatever inspires me. My journaling fell on the wayside. No excuses but will get back to it. I got some water colours paint and pastels. Going to get a stetchbook and just be creative. I have learned to relaxed more and just enjoy the little things. I am back in the gym and did trail hiking. Trail hiking is so peaceful! I am single and loneliness is what I deal with. I am getting healthier and stronger so I can start volunteering (Arianna is going to give me some suggestions when I am ready). Then my grief counselor will help me decided when I am ready to look for a part time job. I miss the social aspects of it and just using my administration skills in the office or where-ever. Dating is such a pain. Not great luck in that dept. I am 47 so yup. Getting offtrack again. Are you writing a fictional book? Can’t wait to read it.


    • Heather Grace Stewart

      Hi! Thanks so much for your support, in buying my first book Where the Butterflies Go, and my third collection. I hope
      you enjoy them for years to come – and also, try Leap and Three Spaces and The Friends I’ve Never Met 🙂 I am working on
      a longer work of fiction for you all, too! Hope you get back to journaling, although art can be therapeutic, too.


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