My Fantastic Summer Finds 2013 (Not as $$$$ as The O List!)

1) Yonanas -The banana ice cream maker: great way to get your kids to eat fruit, no sugar added! I like bananas and blueberries the best, but it’s all so good, and so easy to make.
2) Growing Gladioli and Hibiscus plants and using them to decorate the patio table. I also use white sand dollars and sea shells as a table ‘runner’ along with flower petals, but that’s just my style – you can use natural elements your own way, be creative and have fun.
3) Dollar store wooden jewellery boxes & other boxes – $2 – paint them with your kids!
4) Letting your hair dry in the sun using a natural curl enhancer like Aveda BE CURLY.
5) The poetry of Don Coles. This Canadian should be a cultural icon like Cohen. Re-eading “How We All Swiftly,” and I’m still getting goosebumps.

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