Sure, I’ll Write Another 1,000 Words…

Right after I arrange my outdoor office space, take photos of how great it looks, and then play with the paint settings on my camera; then blog, Tweet and Tumblr the photo. Right after that, promise! 😉

Seriously, I’m half way there, and can’t wait to publish the “Working Title” and an excerpt after my first big edit. That will hopefully be late December. I know it’s a wait, but I hope you’ll feel it’s worth the wait. I’m going to submit to many, many publishers once it’s completed, but will also consider self-publishing ~ just going with the flow.

Thanks for standing by, and for your Likes and Shares of all I write. It keeps me writing…less decorating, more writing! Thanks.

FSCN0064 FSCN0068

2 responses to “Sure, I’ll Write Another 1,000 Words…”

  1. Writing surroundings are important…..

    1. They really make a difference to me. THanks for dropping by!

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