Dear Readers: You Are OUTSTANDING!


Wow! You didn’t just listen, you went above and beyond! You brought Three Spaces to #16 in Contemporary Poetry on Kindle ( and then you UK readers got it to #59 for a while in the UK! Not sure where it stands today but last I looked it was hovering at #25, just beside Billy Collins’ latest book of poems. That in itself makes me want to sit down and catch my breath, except, I’m running around looking after a little girl with gastrointestinal flu. Ick. Poor girl.

It’s probably good I’m preoccupied with her being ill because I can’t really wrap my head around how fast Three Spaces flew up the charts ON THE SAME DAY that The Friends I’ve Never Met charted in Women’s Fiction, in the subcategory Action and Adventure!Last I looked, it was #33 on Kindle, and #36 in Single Women on Kindle. It’s alongside the likes of Sophie Kinsella and Helen Fielding (Mad About the Boy is #1 in Single Women Fiction ) so I am in great company and completely ..well..freaking out, despite that I need to go to bed!

Had to take some time before I myself go to bed early to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for helping my books be discovered by more readers. That is what these charts can do. Hopefully, thanks to your help getting these books on these charts, more readers will find my work…and with The Friends I’ve Never Met I hope I’ll find the audience I’d like for my upcoming book of contemporary fiction (it will also likely fall under Women’s Fiction and Action and Adventure)

So please help the books stay on the charts. Please share this post, or share the book links from Amazon, or show someone how to download the free reading software from Amazon. Thanks so much for making Indie books matter!



Thanks guys. Stay healthy!




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