Take Ten Thursday: Writing Prompt

Welcome to Take Ten Thursday at Where the Butterflies Go! Thanks for dropping in.

Your writing prompt today is this photo, taken at our local winter festival.

DSCN7219Snow taffy and later, in Spring, ‘sugaring off’ or going to the ‘sugar shack’ is part of the culture around here. If it’s not something you’re familiar with a) you really need to come visit Canada and enjoy all the celebrations surrounding the maple syrup industry! and b) just write about your Winter Traditions.

Ready? Got a pen, paper, or a computer keyboard? Got 10 minutes? Good. If not, TAKE ten. Find a quiet spot and jot down whatever comes to mind for at least 10 minutes. Please take more time if you have it! Hear that? Your inner artist is asking you for some play time!



  1. Joseph Hesch says:

    Good morning, Heather. Here’s my combo platter of your evocative prompt and (kida, sorta) Lillie McFerrin’s. Ginny and I are more often than not sympatico on thigs from this neck of the woods, even though we’re from different sides of the Greens. Here is “Their Life’s Blood.”


  2. […] another combo platter of a short-short based on my friend Heather Grace Stewart’s prompt of the maple sugar harvest and Lillie McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction suggestion of the concept of […]


  3. Hope you don’t mind my popping in. Our mutual friend Joe Hesch had shared this on his page. Couldn’t resist the image, brought back sweet memories of my childhood in Vermont during sugaring season.My write is a bit more metaphorical than literal today. Never know where the words might take us! http://insideoutpoetry.blogspot.com/2014/02/like-sugar-on-snow.html


  4. Marcia says:

    Picture citified me in my son’s sorel boots with a very old, rather tattered looking down-filled coat and not very well made pair of woolen mittens of a clashing colour trudging through calf-high snow to trees in the back forty of a friend’s property. With a galvanized steel pail in each hand I’m heading out to collect the pure, clear liquid sap dripping from stately maple trees…
    A great exercise taking ten on Take Ten Thursday’s! Thank you for the suggestion!


  5. shanyns says:

    I’m going to join you for this today. Thanks for doing these Heather. Will share my link here when I get done! 🙂


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