The Weight Loss Struggle (You Can Help Me With SIG!)

The main character in my upcoming novel, Strangely, Incredibly Good, struggles with her weight. This is a serious issue and I take it seriously in the book, but the book is also humorous, and I hope you’ll laugh over the situations the main character gets herself into as she struggles to exercise, lose pounds and feel better about herself.

I’m not sure many people know this except my family, but maintaining my weight has never been easy, and I struggled with it in my 20’s. At one point, in my late 20’s, I was 60 pounds overweight, so I know a little about what that feels like, emotionally.

For my novel, I researched what it might feel like to be even more overweight by reading a lot on the topic, surfing discussion forums, and speaking with different women. It was eye-opening for me.

One of the complaints my character  ‘Cat’ has is believing in weight loss programs and products or trends that are only in the business to make money, and don’t actually work. There’s a slimming spray out on the market right now that I thought sounded fantastic, until I read this fact:  “Energy is measured in calories. X Spray contains two calories per dose. That is not enough energy to stop the stomach from grumbling with hunger.”

For years, I was drinking Slim Fast for breakfast and lunch but it never filled me up. I ended up snacking more at the end of the day.

It took me years to stop being conned by all these ‘get thin fast’ techniques and to finally just discipline myself to eat healthier food, smaller portions, and cut out a lot of my sugar intake. I still struggle to eat right every day.

Please share some of your dieting ‘flops,’ if you will, what you learned, and if you’ve found success at keeping a healthy lifestyle, how did you do that? Let’s encourage each other!

The book doesn’t come out until June, and while it is written, it’s never completely finished until we hit ‘publish.’ I know it isn’t easy to discuss this issue, but I’d appreciate any comments you can make, if you feel you can. Your comments may provide me with even more insight to make this character’s struggle a realistic one.

HeatherVeggie Diet

“I hate you, fashion industry, with your tiny t-shirts that would only fit small, starving boys.”

~Cat Glamour  in Strangely, Incredibly Good

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  1. I think a lot of weight issues are founded in emotional stuff – it was for me anyway, and for a lot of my clients (I used to be a life coach). But I wasn’t able to get to this point of acknowledgement until I’d tried sooooo many things (like those you articulate above). I’ve posted a poem about emotional eating on my blog: , because writing is one of the best ways for me to ‘see’ what’s happening and organise my thoughts. It’s not a comedic poem, but I thought it might benefit someone.

    Good luck with your book!! 🙂

    1. Hi Angela,

      Yes, I agree. It can of course be a medical problem, but often, it’s rooted in emotional issues, or possibly a combination of both. If you read my book (I’d love to send you an advance copy when the PDF is ready – let me know if you’d like to beta read – I am looking for people I don’t know to give their opinion!) you’ll see that that is exactly what Cat is struggling with – issues from her past.
      I am heading to your blog now to read and comment on your poem. Thanks so much for stopping by.

      1. Hi Heather, yes I’d love to beta read for you! You should be able to pick my email address up from my comment on your dashboard. If not, let me know and I’ll send it to you. 🙂

  2. […] A friend of mine is an author and working on a new novel. One of her characters is struggling with her weight and so my friend, in a post on her blog, asked for input and dietary experiences that others have had. And boy, do I have experience in THAT arena. You can read her blog entry at “Weight Loss Struggles“. […]

  3. Weight loss – the societally imposed form of self-abuse. There’s a huge difference between wanting to lose weight (to look better; be more socially acceptable; be able to buy and wear nicer clothes) and wanting to be healthier. I am tall (5’9″ to be precise) and therefore everyone tells me I can carry more weight than others and still look slender. Uh huh. Not. Have a look at my behind – you can’t miss it! I also have a small, delicate bone structure. What that means is I look slimmer than I am but I am actually 30 pounds overweight at the moment (or more, but that’s what I’m admitting to).

    In the past I tried many forms of self torture based on the latest weight-loss craze. I ate severely unbalanced diets for various periods of time; tried going to the gym (hated it); tried swimming with my friends (loved it – but then went out for breakfast afterwards negating the good effects).

    Finally, as I am approaching the penultimate birthday to old age security cheques, I have realized that:
    a) a few extra pounds aren’t bad as long as they don’t affect my health;
    b) I need to be a HEALTHY weight;
    c) I hate ‘diets’ and “the gym”;
    d) I like to walk and, should spring ever return to the Northern Hemisphere, I will get out and walk again – building up to a heart pounding 5k a day – and I will lose a bit of weight, build stamina and feel better;
    e) I like to cook and I like to eat. I can resist cake, candy and french fries – but beware the person who gets between me and a cookie; that’s ok – just don’t eat the whole batch, at once.

    So, I shall live (what’s left of) my life with respect to my age and dietary needs, but without torturing myself into a dress size I haven’t seen since it matched my age. My husband loves me. My son and grandkids love me (and there is a bit more of me to love these days). Do I care what the fashion industry thinks? Not. Well, only when I have to try and find an outfit that fits and looks descent.

    Here endeth my epistle. ehehehehe.

    1. This was the kind of epistle I was hoping for! Thank you Ceci for such a wonderfully insightful comment! The main character Cat hates the gym, too. You’ll see… 🙂

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