Take Ten Thursday Writing Prompt

Hello again!
I missed a Thursday while visiting Kingston, Ontario on my Three Spaces book tour, speaking at Queen’s University and visiting two bookstores. But while there, I took some neat shots, and was hoping you’d be inspired to write something looking at them today. I’ll post two.

All you have to do is take ten minutes to get yourself started today. Just ten. You can take more if you have it, but at least get a paragraph down if you don’t have much time, and then write more tomorrow. I’d love a link to your post when it’s ready and will share it.

If you are working on another writing project, I encourage you to stick to it and keep writing! Let me know how it’s going here?

DSCN7397 DSCN7378


  1. Joseph Hesch says:

    I just couldn’t let that winter photo go by, Heather. It’s too good a poke. 😉
    So here’s today’s lunchtime poem, Go to the Light. http://wp.me/p1AR9N-2dK


  2. Hi, Just catching up on my reading after working all week. I saw this on Joe’s page and followed his link to you. Hope you don’t mind me sharing too, even though a bit late. Thanks for the inspiration, Heather!


  3. Joseph Hesch says:

    Just scribbled this up in my lunch hour today. Wrote it hot, edited not! Hope you see some future in it. 😉


    • This is exactly what I created this exercise for – to encourage everyone who wants to write to just grab the 10-15 min where they could. Good for you Joe and thanks so much for participating! Heading over there to read and comment now.


  4. […] unedited just-for-fun lunchtime write based on my dear friend Heather Grace Stewart’s Take Ten Thursday photo prompt up there. Sorry, Heath, the poem I thought I’d do for the winter scene got run […]


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