We’re in the Home Stretch!

Genies exist in my novel. Wish one could help me clean & fold laundry while I’m deep in final-edits & hubby is working to a deadline! (our 9 year old is a big help but you can only ask her so much).

‘You can’t do it all, and you shouldn’t even try!’ is my new mantra. Before working on edits today though, I walked through our small flower & veggie gardens with a cup of coffee. There is so much promise in new buds and blossoms. I think that’s why I love gardening. It’s a lot like creating a book.

THREE weeks until the release of Strangely, Incredibly Good, my debut novel, to be published by Morning Rain Publishing! Woo hooo! Thanks for all the encouragement!

IMG_8480 IMG_8470 IMG_8467 IMG_8462

4 responses to “We’re in the Home Stretch!”

  1. My house looks a bit like yours… except for the flowers. My gardens are sadly neglected.

    1. I only took up gardening a few years ago. I wanted something to photograph! Now I love the gardening part because it seems
      to help get the ideas flowing….

  2. Dear Heather,

    I love the shot of the flower and the dishes! Haha definitely a case of a picture speaks 1000 words, I so get it 🙂 so awesome that you garden and thank you for sharing!

    Peace ~ Allison

    1. Ah yes the Orchid amid the mess of dishes makes it look a bit better right? I love gardening – helps my creativity.

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