Exclusive Excerpt

Thanks to Everything Books & Authors for featuring Strangely Incredibly Good today. Here’s their post!

Everything Books & Authors EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT From Strangely, Incredibly Good

Are you still here? Well then guess I should thank you for being an exceptionally loyal reader. You helped get SIG to #11 in Humorous Fiction on Kobo this past weekend, and made it an Amazon Bestseller – #82 in Contemporary Romance !

Please keep on sharing links to this book. If you liked it, spread the word! Thanks so much.


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  1. andrewdavid1668

    I love your book strangely incredibly good, it made me laugh and sometimes brought a tear to my eyes, your my favourite writer at the moment, I also have your poetry on my kindle and they are fantastic, your poem’s should be read to every child in school’s and adults should read them too, thank you so much for writing your book and poem’s I read them to my grandchildren every chance I get, I can only hope that your going to write more. Thank you x


    • Heather Grace Stewart

      What a way for me to start my morning. This meant so much. Thank you Andrew. There are days you wonder if anybody is reading and being touched. You just answered that for me. I will keep at it. Can you please post a brief review on Amazon? It would help immensely!
      Happy to have ‘met’ you. Give those grandchildren a hug for me!


    • Heather Grace Stewart

      PS I would love to send you a printed version of The Groovy Granny. Your grandkids would love that. The problem is they are expensive to print and ship so I haven’t ordered any more from Blurb.ca (the printer) in a while. Let me see if I can order a few and get you one in time for Christmas. 🙂


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