Born to Blog

It took me several years of playing around on social media to realize that my first love on the Net – blogging – is still my passion. I love blogging!

I miss posting photos and blogging regularly. Writing a novel took me away from that, as I needed time offline to get the novel finished, but time on Twitter and Facebook has also cut into my blogging time.

I’d also noticed a drop in commenting in the last few years, and that was discouraging. The LIKE button came along, and many of us – yes me included – now find it easier to simply LIKE a blog post, rather than take the time to log in and comment.

While I can’t promise another novel won’t take me away from regular blogging (that would be a good thing, right?) for now, I’d like to try posting at least once a week again; to have some fun with taking and posting photographs again, and to try commenting on more blogs each week. I know how great it feels to read someone’s comment on my blog. I hope to give that back.

Meanwhile, it’s Saturday and it’s summertime, so I’ve just been chillin’: reading, gardening and picking bouquets of lilies, floating in the pool, and taking lots photographs ….my daughter and I loved these tangerine drinks, and I loved how they made those lilies pop!



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  2. Blogging is such a great way to learn from others and express yourself. Great post!

    1. Thanks for commenting Anna! I look forward to visiting your blog.

  3. Oh, your photo pops!!! Loud and beautiful!
    Congratulations on all you’ve done. I too like the blogging and hope to produce on mine in another month on a regular basis. Cheers:)

    1. That’s great, I will make a point of stopping over there regularly too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I can’t believe I forgot to mention my BLOG TOUR, which was all last month. I shared a lot about novel-writing and about myself and my novel while guest posting or being interviewed at 11 different blogs. Here are all the links!

  5. Welcome back and you should share more of what it was like to produce a novel! Great photo too ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks so much for the comment and for the suggestion! I have posted quite a bit about the novel writing process as I worked on the novel,but you’re right, I should share more. Here are a few posts to get you started:

      And here’s a secret: I have a post scheduled for Monday called “Five Author Myths Debunked” ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for your interest!

      1. Fab thx – I shall read with interest today

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