Perhaps I Talk to Flowers…

Perhaps I talk to flowers

because they don’t talk back.

They blossom when I’m kind;

wish the world were more like that. IMG_0156

4 responses to “Perhaps I Talk to Flowers…”

    • Actually, I was thinking about my lilies, and how these red beetle larvae have been attacking the blooms this summer.

      I could have gone on longer with the idea as a metaphor but wanted this to be a short poem. But my thinking was, when I get out my spray bottle of soap & water and spray the larvae (they look like slugs!) every day to assure they don’t return –could be symbolic of evil in world — the flowers do survive and bloom. When I don’t, the flowers get attacked, and die, and never bloom.

      Not sure what that spray bottle is in real life. Smart and fast acting politicians? Now I’m laughing!

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