Perhaps I Talk to Flowers…

Perhaps I talk to flowers

because they don’t talk back.

They blossom when I’m kind;

wish the world were more like that. IMG_0156


  1. redgladiola says:

    Love this sentiment — though they bloom even when we aren’t so kind and I think the world needs that too. =)


    • Actually, I was thinking about my lilies, and how these red beetle larvae have been attacking the blooms this summer.

      I could have gone on longer with the idea as a metaphor but wanted this to be a short poem. But my thinking was, when I get out my spray bottle of soap & water and spray the larvae (they look like slugs!) every day to assure they don’t return –could be symbolic of evil in world — the flowers do survive and bloom. When I don’t, the flowers get attacked, and die, and never bloom.

      Not sure what that spray bottle is in real life. Smart and fast acting politicians? Now I’m laughing!


  2. Priya Pareek says:

    If you do then this perhaps is the best thing as the closer you go to nature the better is your life.
    I would like to invite you to visit my blog, it’s always good to forge connections.


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