It’s the Time of the Season….

..for being inspired by all the beauty around me!

In between writing books, I often turn to photography and reading other authors’ books as a mini-vacation from the work involved in writing a book. I love writing, but I find I’m at my best when I’m rested, and when I’ve taken a break to be inspired by certain aspects of my world. Such as:




A gift of flowers from our nine-year-old, placed in an old Buckley’s jar…


Entertaining for Friends and Family (Move over, Martha Stewart) 🙂

The breakfast was cooked by hubby. I just do the decorating 🙂 Wait, not true. The dinner (Salad, appetizer, Indian butter chicken) was cooked by me. But seriously, I write and photograph – I rarely cook. I will cook if I think it will look pretty for my photographs 🙂

IMG_0232 IMG_0233 IMG_0235 IMG_0237 IMG_0159


Alright, one more. Having the girls over for drinks? Confession: That’s not research. That’s just plain FUN!



What inspires YOU most in the summertime?

2 responses to “It’s the Time of the Season….”

  1. I just find hope in the life that summer brings. The warmth, the way it seems invigorate people. After the somber mess that is winter, I don’t feel rejuvenated until school is out and we’re out on vacation. Then I feel inspired again.

  2. I am so glad u’ve gone back to blogging regularly Heath – obviously u were v busy with the Novel previously, but a Blog is a good useful and pretty interactive means of getting the message out. What I would love to see again on ur Blog, which u did a couple of years ago, are those exquisite ‘photo-quotos’, where u were working with haiku and tanka or variations thereof and ur incredible photos – these really are works of art in themselves and have been copied by several Top people over here – I almost feel u could charge people to view them, u know, if the means of doing so were available 🙂

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