UK Readers, grab your Kindles!
If you’ve yet to download my first poetry collection, WHERE THE BUTTERFLIES GO is now just 0.99 £ (March 30th, 2015) and will be increasing slowly back to its original $2.66 pounds in the next 2 days (where is that sign on the keyboard?! Lol  AH HERE YOU GO  £   😉 just for you UK friends! )

More exciting news for ALL READERS: One year ago today, we revealed that Strangely, Incredibly Good would be released June 2. SO much has happened since then, and I want to thank all of you who have supported me on this INCREDIBLE journey, by buying or reviewing, sharing a post, or just showing up at a bookstore signing for a hug!

NO JOKE: There will be a special deal on Strangely, Incredibly Good this Wednesday April 1st only- don’t miss it!

No matter where you live, keep your Kindles, Kobos, or the Morning Rain Publishing website close by!

Ready, set, go get inexpensive books!

Heather 🙂


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