Wattpad: Wow! My Author Experiment Has Cool Results

Hey guys! So, something interesting is going on with me. Since I started posting this new book I’m writing, The Ticket, on May 1st on Wattpad.com, I’ve now got 7K reads and it’s #14 in Chicklit!

Not sure what to make of all this, but I keep posting the story as I write it, and I’m having a lot of fun as more and more readers are getting excited for the next chapter.

Fellow writers will ask: is it selling books? I don’t know – maybe 5 more Kindle sales since I started this? Not much, nope, but I’m trying to enjoy this journey. It’s certainly more fun to get reader feedback for the many months you’re sweating & breaking your back over writing a book, than to lock yourself away in your office and not hear from your readers for all those months, until it’s published. I like this new way. I hope you do, too.

Please join me on Wattpad if you’re curious, and let me know that you did. Can’t wait to interact with you there.

🙂 Heather

The Ticket-3

#14 in Chicklit on Wattpad.com

7K reads and counting in 2.5 weeks!

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  1. I had not heard of Wattpad until now so I will explore!

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