Enter My Amazon Paperback Giveaway Today!

Hey there,

You know I love to give away free ebooks..but my favourite surprise is when I can offer you loyal readers an actual paperback!
I’m doing that this Sunday evening on AMAZON! Sorry, the company only ships to the continental USA, but if you live there, you can enter!

These giveaways usually have a lot of entrants and only last one day….so enter now:

Enter The Giveaway Here

Hope you win! 🙂

No worries if you don’t win: I will be doing these giveaways monthly, and letting you know about them via Twitter, FB and this blog.

Also, The Friends I’ve Never Met is still just 0.99 on Kindle for a limited time, and I have some fantastic news regarding what’s going on with my next book, “The Ticket,”…so please stay tuned for my next post on Tuesday!



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