Everybody Loves Boobies, Kindle Unlimited, How to Help Authors & More

This week’s Live From My Home Office video Q&A on my Facebook Page was such fun, and I wouldn’t want you to miss it, so here it is again!

I read Everybody Loves Boobies, answered questions about Kindle Unlimited, how you can help an author you like, the books I’m reading lately, how I got inspired to write my latest novel, and more. Plus, the usual ridiculous dancing, chair swiveling, and other laughs.

I’m hoping to do these live Q&A’s weekly, on Wednesdays at 2 EST. You are becoming the highlight of my week!

My Live Q&A

I also posted a shorter clip of just me reading “Everybody Loves Boobies” on Youtube CHECK IT OUT HERE.


xo Heather


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