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Permafree Won’t Set Us Free.

The publishing industry has gone bat-shit crazy. Perma-free and 99 cent books everywhere – and these authors/publishers are paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars to promote their free/discounted books!

I’ve tried it. I can’t say I didn’t try. But I won’t do it anymore. I have this sick feeling in my stomach that we are simply devaluing ourselves as authors. We are content providers. We deserve more than this.

So maybe my (gasp! ) over-99 cent books will never be discovered by thousands.

I’ll keep enjoying making you few loyal readers laugh & cry & relate…and I’ll go find some freelance magazine work. ‘Cause books, baby, they don’t pay when you’re small-time (although I love and feel blessed to do what I do).

I’ll continue to do free ebook giveaways every few months, and paperback giveaways because I love to surprise readers with those, and will always offer free articles on my blog, and 1 free work on to give readers a feel for what my writing style is like, but that’s that. Enough. No perma-free.

Pay the writer.

Writers, respect yourself and your works.


There’s one exception: children. Throw free books at children. Well, don’t throw them. Place them gently in their lap. Better yet, place them in your lap, and read to them.

6 thoughts on “Permafree Won’t Set Us Free.

  1. You are so right, Heather. When we sell our work for low prices or give it away we devalue it, and the work of other writers. That said, if we want to write for an organization for low pay because it’s a cause we believe in, or it’s a type of writing we want and love to do, then that’s our decision and should be respected. We just can’t do that too often, or it starts to fall into that “work for free” that is sometimes too hard to break away from doing. By supporting each other, we all get ahead.


  2. I do agree with you about free books and even 99 cent books devaluing the writer. It’s a product of the times, in a way. The whole digital platform which allows anyone who churn out book after book to the public has contributed to that, as well as the supposed value and bang for your buck derived from the number of stars and reviews a book has or how high his/her book is ranking in the bestseller charts.

    In the past it may have been the gatekeepers, the publishers, big or small, who were in competition with each other but once that middleman has just about been removed, it’s author against author for the top of the rankings, with a select few lucky enough to be with the traditional publishers and kinda immune from the fray.

    PS – I also know why I didn’t see you on my lizmadrid feed. It’s because I follow you from my morrighansmuse account where I post my poetry and other stuff, so different from the usual book posts on my author site.

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  3. I do totally agree with you on this. Most people don’t value anything that is free or super cheap. As freelance creative types if we don’t place a value on our work it’s unlikely that anybody else will either. well said and keep doing what you are doing.

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    1. Thanks Tarquin. I held my breath before pressing POST on this one! It wasn’t so easy to take a stand, because so many authors – some even friends – are taking this permafree route. I just feel like soon (if not already) readers will come to expect all ebooks to be either free or heavily discounted and they’ll wait until they are. We need to band together and fight the dark force lol!

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