Shelf Space!

Yesterday, I had a wonderful love-themed book signing at Chapters Pointe Claire, just in time for Valentines Day. I had so much fun “staging” the event, decorating the beautiful tub my artisan friend Nadia built with some Valentine’s garland and pink rose petals.
Every one of my 10-book signings has been unique and memorable. No one licked my face this time or ate the soap, but the store’s CEM came to the front of my table and announced that they could offer me shelf space. There’s a long waiting list, so this is a pretty awesome deal. I had to choke back the tears when I found out.
If you live around Pointe Claire I’d really appreciate you dropping into the store to look for my books and maybe even buy them for yourself or a friend. They’re upstairs in Local Interest for a month. If those six copies sell out, maybe they will move me to the higher traffic area downstairs, in fiction.
I also gave out three “first impression” roses, just for fun, to thank the kind customers who made me laugh or told me a great story, and to thank my most loyal readers who have come to so many of my events, I’ve lost count.
My husband and daughter were so supportive, as always. Kayla helped me set up, while Bill took photos and carried about 101 heavy items from the house to the event and back.
Next event is my THE TICKET KINDLE BOOK LAUNCH, and GIVEAWAY winners (almost 400 entrants, wow!)  will be announced, this THURSDAY starting at 4 pm EST via live video on my Facebook Page. I’ll announce the winners, and then I’ll return for a little online party at 8 EST.
The Ticket will be officially launched at a free wine and cheese cocktail party on Wednesday, April 13th, 7-830 pm, at the Pincourt Library. Paperback books will be available for purchase. I’m thrilled the Pincourt Library is hosting this event.
My 11th book signing will be at Chapters Pointe Claire once again, celebrating the launch of The Ticket, Saturday, April 16th, 2016. Hope to see you there.
Thanks so much for sharing in and supporting my self publishing journey!

Heather xoxox

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