Keep Your Day Job (But Keep the Faith)

I’ve always said when I speak to aspiring writers that being an author makes a life, not a living.

There are ways around that, of course (speaking, freelance writing, corporate writing, waiting 20 years to get famous) but it’s hard to juggle those jobs with the fiction writing and all the marketing you need to do as an author. I’ve always been thankful that I have a wonderful, hard working husband who supports us when my writing career can’t, but I’ve also been very proud and wanted to prove I can help out. After all, I used to earn a pretty good freelancing salary before I decided to focus on books. Before that, I was an associate editor at several national magazines. Oh yes, shoe money, I had plenty.

Now I can say that I have skate money. I just bought my little girl the skates she really wanted with my Kindle royalties from the last three weeks. I honestly want to cry with gratitude. Thanks, readers.

Thanks for making me feel like I succeeded – at least this month anyway.

I don’t want to discourage aspiring writers. I want you to watch me on my journey and hopefully we’ll come up with answers to how the average book author can succeed in today’s environment.

Writers: Keep your day job, but also, keep the faith.


In case  you want to check out my books:

And a request to those who have read Strangely, Incredibly Good

I could really use more reviews for Strangely, Incredibly Good, please please please? I hate begging, but I was just rejected again for advertising with BookBub which lets you directly advertise your book to over 5 million ereaders. It’s really competitive to get this kind of advertising, especially if you’re an indie author, and I’ve already tried and been rejected three times. Apparently, they look at how many reviews your book has. So, honest, fair, critical reviews are requested, and they need only be one sentence! Thanks in advance for taking the time to help me out.

I’ve got a rotten cold, so I can’t do my usual vidcast tomorrow (Thursday) but I’ll try in the next few weeks to return to you healthy and full of advice on writing and publishing.


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  2. Youthful abstract ‘what ifs’ inevitably give way to practical adult ‘must dos.’ But if you keep the youthful dreams alive, and make small strides toward them, one day you will look back with great satisfaction.

  3. After 30 or so years of blood toil and tears, I am an award winning widely published author, whose work has been featured in some of the major poetry anthologies this century. This is not bragging it is fact. But if you’re asking me would I go thru it all again to get to this point, the answer is no.

  4. Every time she puts on those skates you’ll be reminded that all your hard work was worth it.

    1. She’s already thanked me about four times. Her thanks is payment enough (But ok I wouldn’t mind selling the same amount of books in March! Lol)

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