Where in the World?

First off, thank you readers for helping make The Ticket a Kindle bestseller in Canada and the USA in Relationship Humor! I had so much fun writing this third novel, and it’s wonderful to see you reacting to it with as much enthusiasm as I have for the characters and story. I’d love for more UK and Australian friends to discover this book! (So if you liked it, please share about it however you can).
Secondly, I could use your help answering a question for me. Did you prefer The Ticket being set in NY and around the world, or was there something intriguing to you about the Canadian-France setting of Strangely, Incredibly Good & Remarkably Great? I’ve been pleased and surprised to learn recently that the majority of my readers are American! (bless you).
It would really help me if my readers answer this question: Does setting matter to you when you read a book? Do you like to be able to relate to the place(s), or is it more interesting if it’s set in a place foreign to you?
(Photo: Me catching up with the July 1866 news yesterday at Upper Canada Village, ON, CAN  😉 IMG_6082

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