My Top 5 Reads: Summer 2016

Ah, summer. When I finally stop all the excuses, find a secluded spot, and READ for pleasure! I read both indie and well-known authors this summer, and only had a few books I decided to put down because they didn’t hold my attention/ interest at the time. I’d rather highlight the ones I truly loved, and give you a few descriptive words as to why. I’m not going to put them in any order. They don’t compare – they were all excellent, entertaining, and page-turning for me.

The Girl On the Train by @paulahwrites    (on Twitter )
Gripping, disturbing, chilling, page-turning. Set aside a weekend, and some munchies!
The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
Such an untraditional love story; I loved how unique this novel was. I loved its artistry. I did find the jumping back and forth every few pages a bit jolting, but I hung in there, because the characters and their story was so interesting. Definitely not a beach read if you’re the type to be interrupted lots on the beach. Read it alone in a cozy spot. When I lost my patience or concentration with this novel, about 2/3 of the way through (and probably just because I was overtired and on a long road trip when I finished this) I  just put it down and went back to it, because it is worth it. There is something magical about this love story; it stays with you long after you read it.
After You by @jojomoyes
This is the sequel to Me Before You. While I liked MBY, I preferred After You to the first one a) because I think the first one was over-hyped so much this summer I expected even more than I should have from it and b) Moyes went deeper into the main character’s thoughts and motivation, and I really enjoyed that. I felt like I got to know the MC even more and was rooting for her more as a result. Read both books if you enjoy touching, thought-provoking romance novels.
Meet Clara Andrews by @thelaceylondon
If you love romantic comedies that are light yet entertaining reads, you need to get to know Lacey London and her Clara series. These are super beach reads; such fun and some silliness, yet all full of heart, humor, and clever quips. I love how quirky Clara is and the situations she finds herself in. You may find yourself chuckling out loud as well as rolling your eyes at her – like a TV sitcom, these reads are NOT to be taken too seriously, but if you let go and just enjoy, they can be a real escape from your everyday. I’ve already bought four in the series.
The Wild Water Walking Club by @ClaireCookwrite
A funny, touching novel about women’s relationships (over 40). I loved the way Cook made each woman different, and found their adventures amusing. I could almost smell the lavender the entire time I was reading. You’ll see.
I’m the author of The Ticket – perhaps you’d like to add that one to your TBR list? 🙂
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  1. Fun post Heller … nice light touch for really effective marketing … and excellent barbershop reading for me as I wait my turn under the shears!

    Love ya,


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