Big Book Deals!

I wanted to mention to those of you who aren’t FB or Instagram users, and so wouldn’t have seen this: starting today two of my novels are on sale.

The Ticket is just $2.99 on Kindle until Friday night, and my first novel, Strangely, Incredibly Good, is going for just $10 as a paperback book at my publisher’s site. You can also grab it from or

The sequel to SIG, Remarkably Great, is already priced at $10 at Amazon. While you don’t need to read the sequel to SIG to enjoy SIG, it’s been reviewed as the “perfect conclusion” to the story, so if you’re buying the first one, it’s a good idea to grab #2 while Amazon has it priced so low.

Hope you enjoy these special prices, and above all, time with family and friends this holiday season.

More “on writing & publishing & marketing” on this blog soon!

Best wishes,





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