Home Again, Naturally.

I’m happy to be back home with one of my best furry feline friends, Sam, 171/2. This photo was taken late last night after a long day flying home. My arms are sore 😉
Today, I’ve been writing down my main goals for the year, and at this point, I have some (potentially?) bad news. Not one of them is a new book. I always listen to my gut, and I just don’t feel that I have anything important to say in book form right now. I’ve been writing and plotting but nothing feels “just right” to move forward with yet.
I’ve said all that matters to me for now in CAGED, and in my three romantic comedy novels, and earlier, in my four poetry collections.
That said, I think that by now, you know I often surprise myself. I didn’t think I’d be publishing one book in 2016, let alone two!
This year, I want to focus on learning to market the works that I do have out, with the help of an indie publishing guru, Mark Dawson, with whom I’ve been training thanks to his Self Publishing Genius course – I highly recommend this course!
My novels are selling very well, but I wish more people knew about my poetry. I’m going to focus on improving my marketing skills this year, become a yoga practicing intermediate, and above all, spend more time with/writing to the old fashioned way! family and good friends.
Will I write? Of course I will. I just can’t set a timeline for when the sequel to The Ticket will be out – or even if there will be one.
It’s a blessing and a curse that I always write what I want – not what’s in demand 😉 I hope those of you who have been following me for a while will stick around and check in on me every now and then.
I do know something good is just around the corner. I’ll keep you posted.
Have a wonderful start to 2017! Be good to one another.

Love, Heather


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