Leap by Heather Grace Stewart

I’ve always loved this review of LEAP by UK reader Angela Thomas. You can get your free copy of LEAP and be entered into monthly giveaways when you sign up for my readers club! Click here to learn more: http://eepurl.com/csqL0v

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I love this collection of poetry by Heather Grace Stewart. The poems, which vary in length and form, touch so many emotions. I laughed at the humour in “Honey-Do List” and enjoyed the number of poems based on social networking; I was moved by the poignancy of “Light Moments” and “Valley”.
The poems that resonated strongly with me were the group which looked at motherhood/childhood. Although my children are adults, I’m revisiting many of these experiences with my young grandchildren – they are such precious times and Heather Grace Stewart has captured them in her poetry.
There are so many good things to discover in this collection – far more than I’ve mentioned here. I know I shall return to them time and again.

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