No Room for Excuses.

I reached 10,000 words in my WIP today, guys! I’m so excited. It’s going well, and that’s all I can say about that. Since I had a repetitive strain injury from too much typing in July, I am thankful that my wrists and back feel great, and that it’s going so well.
I’m also thankful that both Kindle and paperback sales have been up since early August, and that so many people worldwide are beginning to discover my poetry books, as well as my romance books. Thanks for reading.
We (or should I be honest and say, HE, my fabulous husband, who has been working at this around the clock since late August) are painting the house, and there are plastic drop sheets everywhere and items where they don’t belong, which drives me kinda crazy. This morning, before my coffee, I was looking around and I thought, ‘there’s no way I can write with the state this house is in,” but then I remembered my mantra for the next few months: No excuses regarding getting writing done each day, and no excuses when it comes to exercise. A little bit every day except weekends. That’s the plan, and so far, since Sept. 1, I’ve been good!
I’ve been enjoying many cups of hot tea again while writing (can’t believe it’s already too cool for iced tea), especially my favourite Buddha’s Blend. Tomorrow night is splurge night: Friday nights mean dessert and a glass of wine! I’m looking forward to going out with some girlfriends to celebrate a long-awaited birthday.
I also have news for my friend and reader Susan Bailey: your signed books for your event are on the way! I’m shipping them tomorrow. And for reader Jasmin Lewis in the UK, I’ve made bookplates to sign and ship for the four books you bought. I’ll add in some The Ticket bookmarks and possibly another small surprise. I’m going to use the remaining bookplates for other readers who request signed books.
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Have a wonderful weekend!
xox Heather

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