There are bad hombres out there, you say

and we need to build a wall to

keep them out.


You’ve built that wall,

quickly, cleverly,

though it’s invisible.

You’ve kept out the innocents,

built blocks around basic needs.


You promised to pick up the economy

by the strength of your majestic hands

instead you started a flood:

supreme rage

threats of war.


You’ve built walls around the world:


walls between men and women

walls between races and lovers

walls between politicians who worked together

walls of indifference

between countries that once were friendly neighbors


and that glass ceiling won’t come crashing down

as long as you’re in power.


When I see you on TV

sputtering your hate and ignorance

I can’t help but think of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters;

that cruel, crazed look on his face as he stomped on every building,

every person in his way.

He was only destroyed by team work

and some cool technology.


I’m not saying we should blow you up into marshmallow goo.


I didn’t write that.

Violence is never an answer,

contrary to what you’ve insinuated in

your many misspelled tweets.


But there’s got to be a better way for us.

A way without walls.

Or maybe, simply, with

four walls around you.


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