Dear Loyal Blog Readers

I’ve neglected you bloggy friends.

I could use the excuse that 2020 has been hard, but it’s not just that. Juggling everything I have to juggle as a business owner and author has been hard. I started my fiction career off in WordPress, with you wonderful blogger pals reading and commenting on my poems. I had the time back then (a decade ago!) to visit all of you on a weekly basis, and I thought I’d keep posting here weekly and staying in touch.

With all that I’ve had to manage, I’ve not lived up to my own expectations for that, and I apologize – but I’m trying to pop in here when I do an online reading, at least, so that you don’t miss this if you aren’t a fan of social media.

If you DO like social media, I’m often on Instagram and Twitter once a day, and on my Owl Be Reading group (where you can win prizes!) weekly. So please check those out when you can!

Here’s my latest poetry reading. I was reading from Where the Butterflies Go, which was once the title of this blog, so I had to post it here! I also read from Three Spaces and Caged, and a little of my second novel, Remarkably Great. Enjoy. And be good to yourselves. I may get busy, but I never forget about you.

xo Heather

4 responses to “Dear Loyal Blog Readers”

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your writing. I discovered your writing on WordPress a decade ago, and it has been nice to keep up with you from time to time, and to see your career really take off. I am not (as a guy) much into reading romance, but I found “The Ticket” to be a real page-turner. And I will, a couple times a year or so, take a look at some of the YouTube videos that you frequently do. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi, Mike! I remember you from the early days of this blog. Thanks for sticking around and for your kind comments on my work.
      All the best

  2. Good to hear from you!

    1. Thanks Ceci! Great to know you’re still here.

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