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 The Ticket is now on Audible and Heather’s fourth romance novel, Good Nights, was just released into the world as an audio book. The novel is a TopShelf Magazine 2019 Book Award Finalist.

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Heather is the author of 12 published books and a digital screenplay.

Here are her recent releases:


Good Nights: Love Again Book Two


From the Author of the #1 Kindle International Bestseller, THE TICKET. A Love Again Standalone Novel.
Can a technological glitch bring you more than headaches? What if it brings you lasting love? When an app messes with her travel plans, Hannah discovers a whole new world full of laughter and romance. TV writer Hannah Storm’s marriage is over, she’s just turned 30, and she’s lost her job. Overwhelmed with how her life has turned out, and suffering from writer’s block, she decides to throw caution to the wind and books a month in a rental home on an island off the coast of France, using a new app, Good Nights. But it’s pouring rain, and someone’s in her rental home. Hannah doesn’t quite get the Tripp she planned…this one has brawn, brains, and a hot British accent. Join Hannah and Tripp on their island adventures with this witty, touching, romantic comedy page-turner. It’s the perfect beach and holiday book; ideal for lounging by the pool in summer and curling up by the fire on cold winter nights.

The Ticket: Love Again Book One

The Ticket by Heather Grace Stewart

Would you travel the world with a perfect stranger? Fasten your seat belts for an emotional journey filled with humor and adventure. Bachelor & newscaster Pete McCarney buys two plane tickets for a trip around the world with his girlfriend, but they split up shortly before the trip, and he can’t get a refund. In a gutsy last minute move, Pete goes on social media asking for women with his girlfriend’s exact name to join him on the trip. Twenty-one women apply, and the ensuing interview process is both awkward and hilarious. When he finally chooses a feisty, headstrong, recently-divorced lawyer, he has no idea what to expect from their world-wide adventures – and neither does Allie James. She has pretty much sworn off men since her divorce. Will either of them get the vacation they were so desperately hoping for? Read The Ticket, and travel with Pete and Allie around the world today.

What readers are saying:
“Laugh out loud funny.”
“The most enjoyable book I’ve read in a long time.”
“I did not put it down once I started it.”
“What a fun book, filled with love, pain, devotion and a whole lot of other emotions.”
“Her characters are very real, and could be your friends and family.”
“Another slam dunk for Heather Grace Stewart!”
Kobo Writing Life Award Shortlisted
“Heather Grace Stewart is an author to watch out for.” Quebec Life Magazine

The Ticket – #5 Bestseller in Humor Satire
On Kindle Unlimited, Kindle ereader, Amazon worldwide in paperback

The Friends I’ve Never Met: Love Again Book Three

What happens when you meet the people from inside your phone?

‘An inspiring story. Innovative and witty.’ WILDSOUND SCREENPLAY FESTIVAL

‘I loved it. Sensitive, insightful and funny. Let me know when we get to do the reading! Actress Forbes Riley (24, The Pretender, The Practice)

“Honest, truthful, funny and smart, with an accessible story line and characters the audience will relate to.” Actor Mark Feuerstein (Royal Pains, What Women Want)

This is a screenplay, and you can read it like a light novel. It’s about balancing marriage, motherhood and career –but since it’s also about making friends on the internet, and love and family, men will ‘get it’ in many ways. The perfect beach or bedtime read, and a date movie for all seasons.


Fantasy and Humorous Romance Books:

Strangely, Incredibly Good

After ending an abusive relationship, Cat Glamour is going through a rough spot in her life. When she decides to take control again and try to lose weight, the last thing she expects is a genie to pop out of her Wii machine, offering her three wishes! Unfortunately for Cat, her genie is somewhat unreliable in his wish-granting capabilities. In a series of hilarious misadventures, Cat and Gene travel to a castle in France and back in time 20 years in an attempt to realize Cat’s wishes. But is it possible to get a second chance at real love and self-love? Pick up Strangely, Incredibly Good and start this exciting series today.

What readers are saying:
“Outstandingly funny!”
“You won’t want to put it down”
“Heather Grace Stewart is an author to watch out for.” Quebec Life Magazine

Book 1 in the Strangely, Incredibly Good Series
Book 1: Strangely, Incredibly Good
Book 2: Remarkably Great

Strangely, Incredibly Good: #1 Bestseller in Parenting and Relationships Humor
#1 Time Travel Romance, Kindle UK
On Kindle Unlimited, Kindle ereader and in paperback from Amazon.ca and Amazon.com from Morning Rain Publishing

 Remarkably Great

Cat and Gene are back and more lovable than ever! In this “hilarious” sequel to Strangely Incredibly Good, Cat Glamour struggles to help her sister, who’s a bit of a texting addict, her 20-year-old daughter, who has fallen in with the wrong crowd, and her 94-year-old grandmother, who’s a feisty ex-reality-TV-star with the Twitter handle @BadAssGram. Will Cat be able to help her wacky family out without neglecting her own needs? Read Remarkably Great, the “perfect conclusion” to Strangely, Incredibly Good, today.

What readers are saying:
“Unstoppable laughs, from beginning to end!”
“Sexy, funny, cool.”
“Couldn’t put it down!”
“The perfect conclusion to Cat and Gene’s love story!”
“Heather Grace Stewart is an author to watch out for.” Quebec Life Magazine

Book 2 in the Strangely, Incredibly Good Series
Book 1: Strangely, Incredibly Good
Book 2: Remarkably Great 

Remarkably Great, #1 Bestseller in Time Travel Romance, Kindle
A sequel to Strangely, Incredibly Good (it also works as a stand-alone book).
Available as an ebook on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited, as a paperback on Amazon



Emotionally charged, relevant, and moving… the poetry of Caged brings together real-life events, modern trends, and heartfelt responses to some of life’s most beautiful and difficult moments. Inspired by life and love and made accessible by honesty, this collection journeys through this wonderful thing we call humanity.

From the author of Where the Butterflies Go, Leap, Carry on Dancing, and Three Spaces comes a multi-faceted collection of new and selected poems accompanied by lyrical photography and popular quoto photos. Caged is the culmination of 25 years of work by best-selling author and poet, Heather Grace Stewart.

Paperback: Black and white photography Hardback: full color photography

What readers are saying:

“Grace-Stewart’s best work yet.”

“Accessible, engaging and fun, when the subject matter calls for it.”

“I like poems that are moving and make a point but aren’t fussy or obscure. This book is full of just such gems.”

“Heather Grace Stewart is a Canadian treasure.”

  #1 Hot New Release in Poetry, Amazon Canada

#2 in Canadian Poetry Books, Amazon Canada

#20 in Canadian Poetry Books, Amazon.com USA

#4 in Women’s Poetry, Kindle UK

#26 Women’s Poetry, Kindle USA

On Kindle Unlimited, Kindle ereader, and in paperback from Amazon worldwide

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